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High School

Hope Academy's High School program runs from Grade 9-12 and takes a traditional 4 years to complete. Each grade has a homeroom teacher who is the student and parents first point of contact. They will help to coordinate information from other teachers. Use of the agendas is enforced as this trains students to develop organization and responsibility for their learning. As we are based on the American system, students do not take external exams, such as the IGCSE. For students who work well independently, options are available to complete additional or extended courses in Science and Math. Additional courses may be developed as needed. 


Students earn a minimum of 24 credits in core and extended content areas throughout the four years. In addition to their diploma, students will take the ACT or SAT exams for college entrance. 

Students must also earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 and attend 90% of the school days throughout the 4 years of high school. 

Students who earn a GPA below 2.0 will leave with a certificate of attendance. 


English - 4 credits
Math - 4 credits
Science - 4 credits
Social Studies - 4 credits
Spanish/ Foreign Language - 2 credits
Physical Education - 1 credit
Visual and Performing Arts - 1 credit
Electives - 4 credits

(Electives include, but are not limited to, Business Studies, ICT, Religious Education, Career Education/ Work Study and Creative/ Report Writing.

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