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Learning Support

In the 2020 School Inspection Report, the inspectors found that Hope Academy is a “Good” school. The results from our inspection highlighted some very positive attributes, including an “Excellent” in providing student support services. The main contributing factor to this excellent rating is the breadth of specialized provision and expertise which helps personalize learning. It was recognized that our staff have highly positive relationships with students.

By working in partnership with parents, we are able to support students who are performing below their potential due to the following:    

 - Specific learning difficulties       

 - ADHD      

 - Autism Spectrum Disorder (Level 1)

 - Anxiety Disorders  

 - Gifted profile

Hope Academy's Clinical Services Department is vital for some students in bridging the gap to success. Our qualified clinicians work closely with the classroom teachers and parents to develop best practice. 


Hope Academy is not designed for students diagnosed with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders. However, we work closely with families to find alternative options either on-island or overseas.

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