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Hope Academy Clinical Services is one of the largest licensed Health Care Facilities (HPC/HCF/107) in Grand Cayman.  Our services are not only offered to Hope Academy students, but also to the wider community of the Cayman Islands. We are able to work with clients and their insurance companies to provide the best service possible.

All of our clinicians are licensed with the Council for Professionals Allied with Medicine or the Medical Council in the Cayman Islands, as well as, their native country.  Our clinicians possess a wide range of expertise, knowledge, and experience utilizing many different evidenced-based modes of treatment.  Our Clinical Services Department now offers the students of Hope Academy and the Cayman Islands community a range of  services from consultation,  assessment, education, and treatment including:

  - Individual Counseling
  - Parenting Assistance and Support
  - In-Home Interventions
  - School Observations and Intervention

  - Family Counseling      
  - Marriage & Couples Counseling
  - Speech & Language Therapy ​

  - School Based ABA Therapy

  - Psychiatric Services    
  - Psychoeducational Evaluations
  - Neuropsychological Evaluations 

  - Free Consultations     

Our clinicians are committed to providing a comprehensive, team approach within a supportive and healing environment.  We provide exceptional, high quality services by utilizing well researched, effective and evidence-based treatments.

Clinical Services: General Fees


Individual/Family Services

Speech Therapist

Speech and Language Therapy
Individual CI$75-$150
Group CI$50-$100

Business Discussion

Psychological Evaluations

Performance Meeting

Psychiatric Evaluation

Japanese Books

Speech and Language Evaluations


Psychiatric Services


Neuropsychological Evaluations

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ABA Therapy

All appointments are scheduled by the clinician after all intake documents have been submitted. For more information about insurance coverage and getting started email or call (345) 769-4673.


For confidential questions / concerns please contact Ms. Pauline VanderGrinten at or 

(345) 938-7154.


Clinical Services will be changing rates in accordance with the Health Insurance Commission. If you have any questions please email

The Health Insurance Commission (HIC) mission is to ensure that the provision of health insurance in the Cayman Islands is well regulated and that assistance is provided to the general public in resolving complaints relating to the provision of health insurance. The role of the HIC is to monitor and regulate the health insurance industry in the Cayman Islands. The functions of the commission include the assessment and monitoring of premium rates, the administration of the Segregated Insurance Fund (SIF), monitoring the conduct of approved insurers, resolving complaints and advising the Minister generally on any matter relating to health insurance including advice on amendments to the Health Insurance Law and Regulations.

Meet the Clinical Team

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