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The curriculum of Hope Academy is based the American system, utilizes the Florida Sunshine Standards, and focuses on building core skills in language arts and mathematics, as well as science, social studies, art, music, drama, P.E. and computer skills.  In addition to the core subjects, students will also be taught study , social  and organizational skills. We will be teaching them how to learn by equipping them with the tools that they need.

The Hope Academy teachers incorporate strategies that are used to teach, remediate and facilitate students’ individual learning. 

By incorporating appropriate teaching strategies, individualized goals, and an understanding of varied learning styles, Hope Academy assists students in meeting their full potential.

For more information regarding the general expectations of each subject and grade level, please see the Curriculum Catalog.

As we do not follow a British curriculum, our students do not take external exams. please see the Graduation Requirements on the High School page.

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