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Incorporating technology and computer proficiency is integral across our entire curriculum. From our online reading program to fundamental keyboarding skills and interactive classroom websites, students from PreK to Grade 12 engage with computers, SMARTboards, and iPads, enriching their learning experience. Our ongoing technology initiatives reflect our commitment to equipping students with the essential resources needed to excel in today’s digital landscape.


  • Microsoft 365 Education: This serves as the primary online platform for Hope Academy. It offers a suite of productivity tools, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams, facilitating collaboration, document creation, and communication among students and teachers.​

  • Renaissance Learning Assessment: This platform offers formative assessment tools to evaluate student performance. It provides insights into reading and math proficiency, helping teachers tailor instruction based on individual needs.

  1. Freckle: Freckle is an adaptive practice platform that tailors assignments to individual student needs. It covers math, ELA (English Language Arts), science, and social studies, allowing students to strengthen specific skills.​

  2. MyOn: MyOn is a digital library platform that offers a vast collection of e-books and other reading materials. Students can access a wide range of texts, fostering literacy development and encouraging independent reading.

  • IXL: IXL is an adaptive learning platform that provides personalized practice in various subjects. Students can work on math, language arts, science, and social studies exercises, receiving instant feedback and tracking their progress.

By leveraging these platforms, Hope Academy School ensures that students have access to diverse resources and technology-driven learning opportunities in today’s digital educational landscape. 

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Online Platforms
Laptop Specs

For students in Grade 5 and higher, it is a requirement that they bring a personal laptop, charger, and headphones.​

Laptop Specs For School

  • Wireless Networking Adapter: Ensure your laptop has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities for internet connectivity.

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