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HA Clinical Services offers the students of Hope Academy and the Cayman community a wide range of mental health services including:
  - Mental Health Therapy / Psychology 

  - Consultations 

  - Assessments  

Ocean Rocks

Our clinicians are committed to providing a comprehensive team approach within a supportive, nurturing and healing environment by providing high quality exceptional, and effective services.

We provide services for:

  - Anxiety Disorders:       

          - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

          -  Panic Disorder                    
          - Agoraphobia                          
          - Social Phobia                           
          - Specific Phobia                   
          - General Anxiety Disorder    
          - Separation Anxiety      
          - Acute Stress Disorder         
          - Post-traumatic Disorder 

  - Attention Deficit Disorder

  - Adjustment / Transition Issues

  - Asperger’s Disorder

  - Alcohol and/or Drug Abuse

  - Body Dysmorphic Disorder

  - Depression / Mood Disorders

  - Eating Disorders

  - Educational Groups: social skills, self-esteem building,

     bullying, peer relations

  - Grief Counseling

  - Impulse Control Disorders

  - Medication Management

  - Oppositional Defiant Disorder

  - Parenting Support / Education

  - Pervasive Development Disorder

  - Premarital Preparation 

  - Self Esteem 

  - Spectrum Disorders

  - Stress Management


For more information about insurance coverage and getting started email or call (345) 769-4673.


For confidential questions / concerns please contact Ms. Pauline VanderGrinten at or

(345) 938-7154.

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