Other School Fees

Application Fee                               $150
Annual Book / Facility Use Fee     $450     
Annual PTA Dues (per child)         $75 
Graduation Fee                               $80       
Transcript Fee                                 $10
Return Check Fee                           $50 

Late Payment Fee                          $50

Tuition Fee Structure 2019-2020

Financial Assistance may be available. Please complete the application form and submit to the office with your application or Service Agreement. Some restrictions apply. 


Payments can be made online to Education Connection T/A Hope Academy at Bank of Butterfield or by check. If payment is made online, please be sure to retain the confirmation number

To ensure that proper provisions can be made for students as needed in the school setting, Hope Academy uses a Tier System for tuition. All students benefit from the small class sizes and caring faculty and staff, but some students require additional resources. To support the philosophy of Hope Academy, a Tier System has been found to be the best way to meet the individualized needs of students. Most students are placed on the Tier 1 tuition level. The placement onto a higher tuition tier is determined based on each student’s needs to provide their best opportunity for success.