Pauline VanderGrinten, ​MA, LPC, NCC, LMHC, DCC
Clinical Services Director/Supervisor

Craig Lang



Jovy Del Rosario

Spinnaker-Behavior Technician

Andreea Green

IT Coordinator

Nadine Maxner, BA, Hons, MASP
Clinical Psychologist– Master Level

Pauline Vandergrinten MA,LPC,NCC,LMHC,DCC
Clinical Services Director/Supervisor
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Shannon Moore

Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher

Carmen Mckellar

Grade 6 Homeroom Teacher

Christie Pull

Social Studies Teacher

​~Maternity Leave~

Dr. Kai Morgan, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Lauren Hogan

Grade 1&2 Teacher

Daneille Godfrey

Primary & Middle School

ICT Teacher

Kimberly Bunag

Spinnaker-Behavior Technician

Roy Gould


Licensed Counselor

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist 

Certified Life Skills Coach

Natalie Donoghue, ​MS Ed
Vice Principal

Jill Kelderman, Ph.D., ABPP-CN

Hope Academy Staff Members 

This is an exciting time for our school as we continue to grow. In order for us to jointly succeed, we must continue to have a partnership between home and school which works together. The school is managed by a Senior Management Team (SMT). These individuals form the leadership and administration of our school. In addition, we have a wonderful staff of caring individuals, many of whom have been with the school almost since its inception.  On this journey, please remember that my door is always open and you are always welcome to stop by.

Sheryl Hamilton


Ivette Sanchez

Support Staff

​​​Senior Management Team

Dr. Kelderman is board certified in clinical neuropsychology and pediatric neuropsychology. She is a licensed psychologist in Florida, Iowa and Cayman Islands. She received extensive, focused training in the Midwest. She is board certified in clinical neuropsychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology and a member of the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology. This means Dr. Kelderman has undergone the highest level of examination by her peers and demonstrated excellence in her field. Dr. Kelderman’s clinical practice consists exclusively of pediatric neuropsychological evaluations and represents years of specialization within that field.

Luigi Coletta 

 Grade 10 Homeroom Teacher

​PE Teacher

Dr. Panora is board certified in clinical neuropsychology and pediatric neuropsychology. She is a licensed psychologist in Florida, Iowa and Cayman Islands. Dr. Panora has extensive training and experience in the field of pediatric neuropsychology. She is an expert in the evaluation of children with a variety of medical and neurodevelopmental concerns including epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, hydrocephalus, cerebrovascular abnormalities, genetic disorders, toxic exposure, and congenital abnormalities. Dr. Panora has worked extensively with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Additionally, she has an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of ADHD and learning disabilities. Dr. Panora provides concise, yet comprehensive reports explaining a child’s neurocognitive profile, which outlines specific recommendations for treatment.

Judy Scott

Bursar/ Facility Manager

Tonia Egleston, LMHC
Licensed Counselor

2018/2019 Teaching and Support Staff

Simone Fagar

Support Staff

Chanel Pantry, ​MS Ed. 
Director of Academic/Business

Michael Myles
Dean of Students
 School Operations &
Development Manager

Sabrina Thompson


Danille Richards


Maxcine Mckoy Martin 
Early Years Teacher

Lisa DeMercado-Crisp

Spanish Teacher

Hope Academy is lucky to have talented and diverse staff of professional, including the 2014 Chamber of Commerce "Principal of the Year". The school employs about 30 teachers - many with Special Education qualifications, Registered Behavioral Technicians, a Speech and Language Therapist, a Clinical Psychologist, a NeuroPsychologist and Mental Health Counselors.

Jason Jones MEd, LCT, CCC 
Licensed Counselling Therapist

Ryan McKillop

Grade 7 Homeroom Teacher

Teresa Goddard

PTA President & Librarian

Jacqueline Armstrong
Grade 9 Homeroom Teacher

Highschool English Teacher

Carla Mueller
Licensed Counselor


Administrative Staff

Elizabeth Lancaster, MS, LSW
Licensed Counselor

Janay Smythe

Grade 3&4 Teacher

Sherna Leslie-Barrett

English Teacher

Samantha Tibbetts, MS Ed, MS HR

Clinical Service Staff

Kimeisha Chambers-Norman


Claudette Hunter

​Spinnaker - RBT

Morgan Panora Psy.D., ABPP-CN

Brittany Balli

Grade 12 Homeroom Teacher

Science Teacher

Rick Caley

Grade 11 Homeroom Teacher

Highschool Math Teacher