Individual Session Rates

30 min - CI$65

45 min -CI$90

60 min - CI$125

Group Session Rates : 

30 min - CI$40

45 min - CI$60

60 min - CI$75

Evaluation Rates

Evaluation of Speech Fluency - CI$300

Evaluation of Speech Sound Production - CI$250

Evaluation of Speech and Language Comprehension CI$525

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech & Language Therapists (SLTs) assess, diagnose and provide therapy & management for children and adults with speech, language, communication or swallowing difficulties.  Difficulties in these areas can have an impact on their success in classroom activities, social interaction and friendships, literacy development and self-esteem. 

SLTs work with children with difficulties:

  • Speech sounds difficulties (i.e. making sounds clearly)
  • Spoken language difficulties (i.e. vocabulary & grammar)
  • Narrative difficulties (i.e. understanding & telling stories)
  • Inferencing, reasoning and problem-solving difficulties (i.e. ‘reading between the lines’ and using language to identify and resolve problems)
  • Literacy difficulties (i.e. reading & spelling)
  • Social skills difficulties (i.e. understanding about the perspectives & feelings of others and knowing how to interact with  others)     
  • Fluency difficulties (e.g. stuttering)
  • Feeding and swallowing (i.e. dysphagia)

Claire Leadbeater

Claire Leadbeater, MSc SLT, PGDip Autism
Licensed Speech Therapist (CPAM/SPT/007)
1 (345) 929-5122

Claire Leadbeater is a licensed Speech & Language Therapist through the UK’s Health & Care Professions Council and Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists.  She is also licensed with Cayman’s Health Practice Commission.  Claire trained at City University London and was awarded her Master’s degree with merit in 2005. 

 Claire has established herself as a therapist of high caliber on island for the last three years. She has extensive experience working with children with autism spectrum disorders. For these children and families she has undertaken a wide range of specialist training including the TEACCH Autism Program (; Picture Exchange Communication System – P.E.C.S.;; Intensive Interaction ( for people with significant learning disabilities and/or autism who are still at the early stage of communication; and the Sensory Integration Perspective (

 In response to the need of families in Cayman Claire has undertaken specialist training in the treatment of children with apraxia of speech and offers the highest level of PROMPT therapy (the recommended therapy for apraxia of speech) on island. (   

Other programmes that Claire provides include:

  • The Narrative Intervention Programme, a programme aimed to develop storytelling skills in students aged 8-18 years
  • The Vocabulary Enrichment Intervention Programme which is aimed to develop understanding and expression of vocabulary and word meanings, students aged 8-18.
  • Handwriting Without Tears, a research-driven, developmental curriculum of teaching handwriting for students from Kindergarten to 5th Grade (for more information see

 Claire works with Hope Academy children, as well as, other pre-schools and schools.  She offers a free 30 minutes consultation.

All appointments are scheduled by the clinician after all intake documents have been submitted.  For more information about insurance coverage and getting started, email or call 769-4673.