Psycho-Educational Evaluation

What is a Psycho-Educational Evaluation?
HA Clinical Services is now pleased to offer psychoeducational evaluations to school-age children and adults.   A psychoeducational evaluation, like a neuropsychological evaluation, examines an individual’s thinking and reasoning abilities and underlying psychological processing (e.g., memory, attention, executive functioning), academic achievement, and behavior/social-emotional functioning.

The evaluation involves the administration of standardized tests and questionnaires.  The assessor works directly with parents, caregivers, teachers, and other professionals, as needed, to inform the assessment process.  It is common for the assessor to carry out classroom observations of the child and review school records as part of the evaluation.

When is it appropriate to request a Psychoeducational Evaluation?
Parents and educators often request this type of assessment when they are querying the presence of learning disorders that affect success with reading, writing, and/or mathematics, ADHD, and/or social emotional challenges. In contrast to neuropsychological evaluations, the primary purpose of a psychoeducational assessment pertains to education and ensuring that an academic/learning program is built to reflect an individual’s strengths and needs.

Who conducts the Psychoeducational Evaluation?
Nadine Maxner is a Registered Psychologist in Nova Scotia, Canada, and a Licensed Psychologist in the Cayman Islands. Nadine has over ten years experience offering psycho-educational evaluations to children, youth, and adults in school and clinical settings and is excited to extend these services to the Cayman community. The assessments are carried out at Hope Academy Clinical Services in Grand Harbour.

How much will a Psychoeducational Evaluation cost and will it be covered by insurance?
The cost of a Psychoeducational Evaluation is CI$2200 and the fee includes parent interview, class- room observations, testing, scoring, feedback, and report writing.  Hope Academy accepts many in- surance plans. For more information or to schedule an evaluation, please contact Ms. Chanel Pantry at
769-4673 or

For confidential questions/ concerns please contact Ms. Pauline VanderGrinten at or 345-938-7154.