A Caring Community

Hope Academy was opened in 2009 to serve the needs of a growing number of students whose needs might not have been met in a typical school setting. 

Over the last 9 years, we have grown from 25 students to over 100 and have had 8 graduating classes. We continue to develop our programs to better serve all of our students. 

Our Specialty

By working in partnership with parents, we are able to support students who are performing below their potential due to the following:    

  • Specific learning difficulties,       
  • ADHD      
  • High-functioning Pervasive 
  • Developmental Disorder (mild Autistic Spectrum Disorder),      
  • Anxiety based Disorders,  
  • Gifted profile

Hope Academy is not designed for students diagnosed with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders. 

Hope Academy's Clinical Services Department is often vital in bridging the gap to success. Our qualified clinicians/ doctors work closely with the classroom teachers and parents to  develop best practice. 

Why Choose our School?

  • Small class sizes
  •  Full range of classes, including extracurricular courses
  •  American Curriculum, integrating current

  •  Technology and field trips
  •  Certified teachers, trained to work with students who learn differently. 

Hope Academy aims to provide children with an environment that combines the best practice of individual programs along with group learning. Our flexible methodology caters to each student's needs - whether they require remediation or enrichment. When the appropriate techniques are used, students can flourish.