Applications for admission are accepted throughout the school year. As with all grades, an admissions screening must be completed prior to a placement being given. Admissions screenings will begin during April of the previous school year.

Classroom Environment


Early Years 

The literacy-rich classroom allows for a wide range of academic goals to be achieved within the same classroom. Students begin with reading readiness and early math skills. There are a wide variety of activity centers which support all levels of learning. 

The PreK4 class follows the Cayman Islands Early Years Curriculum Framework. 

The environment is modified and adapted to promote the participation, engagement, and learning of all children. As with all of our classes, the teachers are sensitive to cultural, language, and learning differences among all children served.

The learning environment in the PreK4 class is teacher-directed and child-initiated. The children interact with each other and a variety of materials while engaging in cooperative hands-on learning with day-to-day life experiences. These activities may be active or quiet, performed individually or in large and small groups.

For the 2019-2020 school year we don't have a class for Early Years. 

Field Trips


A variety of field trips are included to expand the children's experiences and knowledge of their community.