Through perseverance and consistent effort, our students will learn the value of their hard earned achievement and be proud of their accomplishments both great and small.

We aim to instill values in our students which create a sense of honor regarding all that they do. Our students are encouraged to believe that they have valuable contributions to make, not only to their school, but also to their  community.

Our mission

At Hope Academy, our mission is to provide an effective and enjoyable learning experience for all children through multi/sensory, individualized educational programs that embrace, celebrate and utilize their differences. 

Our goal is to help our students meet the learning benchmarks for their grades, using the following : 

  • classroom instruction
  • small/group instruction
  • individual instruction
  • hands-on learning experiences

The expectance of the best possible outcome is at the heart of Hope. With a belief that good things can and will happen, our students will achieve academic success.

Our core values

We encourage our students to strive for their own level of personal excellence by meeting their individualized goals. This leads to a sense of accomplishment thereby increasing their motivation to continue to improve.

Our school

Hope Academy is a private, coeducational institution for students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 that provides a full time academic program, after-school programs and tutoring, as well as a variety of therapeutic services. 

To best serve our students, class sizes are limited to 12-15 students.