The Spinnaker program is an integrated school-based ABA program, offering Comprehensive and Focused treatment plans for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) through age 10.  This program is developed and supervised by Cayman ABA and implemented by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) at Hope Academy.

There are many treatments available for children diagnosed as having an autism spectrum disorder. Extensive research has shown empirically that children who receive early and intensive education using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) can make significant gains in cognitive, communication, and social relatedness skills. ABA uses reinforcement to shape behavior and to help children learn new skills. The goal is to help each child achieve the greatest degree of independence possible and to provide the skills he or she will need to function successfully and reach their fullest potential.

This program offers intensive individualized ABA within the school setting, to meet the learning needs of each student. We provide intervention using natural environment teaching (NET), discrete trial instruction (DTT), verbal behavior strategies, and incidental teaching opportunities.

The development and generalization of social skills, speech and language, cognition, and daily living skills is the goal for every child. Our teaching occurs in the structured and naturalistic school setting, to promote rapid learning and foster generalization of skills.

The Spinnaker Program offers two options:


  • Individualized curricula with “pull out” or “push in” intervention, depending on your child’s needs
  • Collaborative team approach
  • Data based decision making
  • Systematic assessment of each child’s skills
  • Integrated socialization opportunities
  • Weekly social skills group instruction

Cayman ABA & Hope Academy 

Admissions Requirements:

  • Pre-screening Skills Assessment, which results in treatment hour recommendations (for comprehensive treatment option)
  • Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 1 (for comprehensive treatment option)
  • Meeting standard admission requirements for Hope Academy
  • Referral for ABA Therapy from a pediatrician or qualified healthcare professional*
  • Insurance pre-approval, for families with insurance coverage OR self-pay agreement

Spinnaker Program


  • Development of a function-based Positive Behavior Support Plans (PBSPs) for implementation in the classroom
  • Ongoing teacher training
  • Monthly parent meetings
  • Trained Classroom Aides to support implementation of PBSPs
  • Registered Behavior Technicians available to be scheduled as needed